You Are My Biggest Why
by Litasha Greaves
Publisher: Journey To Royalty
Digital List Price: $2.99
ISBN: 9781540188175

A mother tells her story of being pregnant as a teenager and how she found strength and purpose as a result of her pregnancy. Tummy Why is one of the features of this book. It explores the pressure she endured as she was told she had to have an abortion...

Have you ever thought about how much your mom loves you? Ever thought why she said those crazy things to you? Did you know that she cares for you? You are her BIGGEST WHY!!! You are why she hangs on to life. You are why she has many sleepless nights. You are WHY, You are her BIGGEST WHY!

For generations mothers continue to be the source of strength for their children. At times without even mentioning why they do what they do. This mother tells her story of how much she has loved and cared, she loves and cares and will continue to be loving and caring for her daughter. She does this by sharing experiences of their past, joyful acceptance of their present and hopes for their promising future.

This book also hosts poems, prayers and bonding activities for mother and child that will facilitate and build a greater relationship between them. If you have more than one child this book can still be used to share your feelings and thoughts with all of them.

You are my BIGGEST WHY - A great read for mothers and mothers to be. It will touch the core of your heart and leave you inspired as your child/children continue to be your own WHY and you continue on the path of being a motivation for your own mother.
Have fun reading this book and grow closer to your kids!